Membership is our main continuing source of income. We ask that it be renewed annually. Membership fees are due March 2023.

Lupus Association of Tasmania Inc. members receive a quarterly newsletter and have information available to them on specific aspects of lupus and related autoimmune diseases.. The Association also runs various support groups in the South, North and North-West of the state and soon to have zoom meetings as well starting in 2023.

Join now and receive a free information pack. Your support is vital to lupus & autoimmune disease awareness.

Membership is $15 – Please get in touch via Contact Us and we will organise a payment option.

‘Lupus Tas New-Renewal Membership Form’ (Link to be added)

Please print form and post it to the below address or attach it to an email and send it to Any questions, send us an email or leave a message through the ‘contact us’ page.

The Secretary
P.O. Box 639
Launceston   TAS 7250