It is very important that partners, friends and relatives attend support group meetings so as to gain information and learn what the sufferer is going through. Lupus if goes undetected or if not medicated may cause death. We will post out any information that a sufferer or concerned family may require so as to try to understand this dreadful disease. We have support groups in Hobart, Launceston and the North-West, for more information on these groups visit our upcoming events page on this website or ring our Lupus number which is the same statewide.

The Association is a non profit self funded charity manned by volunteers most of whom are sufferers. We incur expenses just like any small business, our only form of funding come from membership, annual raffle and kind donations from businesses and the general public to whom we are very grateful. So it is very important that members renew their membership and lapsed members rejoin the Association. Membership is just $15 per year which helps in keeping us going and to bolster our Research Fund.

We have released funds to the Clifford Craig Research in Launceston into “sticky blood” in Lupus sufferers and just recently released $35,000 to the Menzies Research Centre in Hobart for Lupus research in general. We have world class scientists in Tasmania and we are very fortunate to have Dr. Murray Adams from the University of Tasmania involved in both researches. It is absolutely vital that we keep this research going, we owe it to these sufferers, if not an immediate cure but maybe some form of medication that may relieve their pain and the mental anguish that goes with any systemic illness. I am confident that when a cure is found for Lupus that this research has helped, so we really need to keep the research going.

Vic Hartas


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