Hooray!!! We are still functioning as an Association. Thank you to Lois, Dianne, Murray and Leanne for putting up their hands, also to the commit- tee, Julie, John and Cheryl, we should expect a good year.

I would like to thank Colleen, Bruce, Vic and Denise for supporting me as editor of the Newsletter, over the years. They will be missed greatly as "contact points" for info about the Association. We hope they are taking a well earned "rest".

We also farewelled another stalwart of the Association, Queenie Ennis, who willingly became treasurer when it looked like Bruce would have to take that on as well. We wish Queenie all the best in South Australia and hope she too, has a healthy life in Adelaide where she will be near her family. We are about to sojourn to our warmer climes, so the next newsletter will come from Queensland.

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