The Lupus Association of Tasmania is a self-funded non-profit organisation served by volunteers.

We are committed to understanding and supporting people with Lupus, Sjögren’s, Scleroderma, Fibromyalgia or any auto-immune disease in the following ways:

  • By educating and informing patients and their families.
  • By providing support in the form of encouragement and service.
  • By promoting and supporting research designed to discover the cause of, and a cure for, lupus and related auto-immune diseases. 
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Established 1st December, 1999.

Hooray!!! We are still functioning as an Association. Thank you to Lois, Dianne, Murray and Leanne for putting up their hands, also to the commit- tee, Julie, John and Cheryl, we should expect a good year.

I would like to thank Colleen, Bruce, Vic and Denise for supporting me as editor of the Newsletter, over the years. They will be missed greatly as "contact points" for info about the Association. We hope they are taking a well earned "rest".

We also farewelled another stalwart of the Association, Queenie Ennis, who willingly became treasurer when it looked like Bruce would have to take that on as well. We wish Queenie all the best in South Australia and hope she too, has a healthy life in Adelaide where she will be near her family. We are about to sojourn to our warmer climes, so the next newsletter will come from Queensland.

Two Southern Tasmanians attended the Lupus AGM and were very pleased that volunteers came forward to form a new committee so the Tasmanian Lupus Association can continue to exist. We greatly appreciate the generous gifts of time and energy that the new committee members have volunteered to the As- sociation.

It was great to see Vic Hartas, who returned from Queensland for the meeting. We were extra pleased to hear of the marked improvement in Denise Hartas‘ health. She escaped her wheel chair and has returned to light house work and gardening.

As a result of the continuation of the Lupus Association, the Southern lunch- eons will continue on the second Wednesday of every second month, at the Esus Café in Elizabeth Street, Hobart at 12 midday. These are simple social support events at which we pay for ourselves. All I need is to know you are coming so I can book the table. Contact us here.

Next Luncheon Dates are June 4th, August 9th, October 11th and December 13th

I am also pleased to share that Allyson Reedy-Mead has agreed to be assistant Southern Co-ordinator. As you know, I have several elderly relatives on the mainland who may call me away from the state at any time, for an extended period.

Having Allyson as a backup is very reassuring for me. Allyson is a university student who will attend luncheons as her classes allow. Thank you Allyson for this generous gift of your time. Every one is welcome at our luncheons ..they can be their family, friends, visitors or carers.

Heather Cowled - Southern Co-ordinator

Our first gathering was only small but was great all the same. We met at the Fuschia Farm on Lillico straight as one of our newest members lives close by to her beautiful family owned business. Always a great feed, along with fabu- lous company makes the Fuschia Farm a favourite place to visit. Due to members present at the March get together, many were unable to at- tend in April so we voted to skip April and make a catch up day in May. We have encouraged members past and present to bring along any new mem- bers who would like to have a chat and a chin wag. We have chosen to meet the 1st Tuesday of every month (you pay for your meal).

Dates from May to December are:

  • 2nd May—Fuschia Farm, Lillico.
  • 6th June—Shadows, Latrobe.
  • 4th July—Gateway, Devonport.
  • 1st August— Fuschia Farm, Lillico.
  • 5th September—Lucas Hotel, Latrobe.
  • 3rd October - The Scone Shop, Sheffield providing it does not clash with Lupus Awareness Week
  • 7th November— Argosy Motel, East Devonport
  • 5th December— Fuschia Farm—Christmas Lunch for North West Group.

We are already starting to build capacity with 2 new members at the March Luncheon with the possibility of a few more at the May lunch. Looking forward to rebuilding the North West support group so we all have people that we can connect with and call when things get us down.

Leanne Stephens - North West Co-ordinator

Our committee would like to have a support group "up and running" down the west coast of Tasmania that will support people with Lupus, Sjögren‘s, Schleroderma, Fibromyalgia and their family, carers and, friend‘s etc.
For more information and a job description please email Lois via Contact Us

Our group decided to continue meeting on the fourth (4th) Thursday in the month at 10.30 am at the Joan Marshall Wing, Kings Meadows Health Centre to share Morning Tea (bring a small plate of food to share). We will also occa- sionally replace our morning tea catch up with a group lunch at a nearby venue. April 27th will be a morning tea, while the next month May 25th will be a lunch meeting starting at 12.00 at the Kings Meadows Pub. Pay for yourself. Hope to see you all there.

Lois Beckwith -Northern Co-ordinator